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Decoupage Queen

DECOUPAGE QUEEN 'Oregano and Garlic Chalkboard' A4 Rice paper

DECOUPAGE QUEEN 'Oregano and Garlic Chalkboard' A4 Rice paper

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Decoupage Queen - 'Oregano and Garlic Chalkboard' 

Size: A4 Rice paper - 29.7cm x 21cm (8.3" x 11.7")

Decoupage Queen papers are designed in the USA and come in three sizes. All designs are available in A4 size, and select designs are offered in A3 and XL.

The A4 and A3 sizes are printed on rice paper in Italy. We print on the highest quality paper available on the market today. Rice paper has been used for decades in arts and crafts with decoupage. Torn edges will blend beautifully into a background. You should start with a white or light colored background to make the colors appear brighter and more vivid. 

Our XL paper is printed in the USA and is 18 lb tissue paper and is the perfect weight and thickness for decoupage on furniture.

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Customer Testimonial

-Simone Tippett-

"I am new to the world of upcycled furniture. I have always admired all the talented work out there and wished I could do something for myself. I came across Cherie and her products and all my self delt was fast gone with Cherie's knowledge, product knowledge, techniques to achieve the best for my upcoming peoject. My interaction with Cherie was 10/10 all the way to the end when I opened my package. Thank you for amazing experience and I will be back for next project."