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Nordic Chic

NORDIC CHIC Fairydust - Divine Turquoise (Pigment powder)

NORDIC CHIC Fairydust - Divine Turquoise (Pigment powder)

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Nordic Chic Fairy Dust is a mineral powder that can be used for gilding projects. You can add it to your clear wax and make your own gilding wax or you can add to your topcoat and make a metallic lacquer for both wood, plastic, metal etc. You can also add the powder onto your project as it is and seal it afterwards. 

It is safe to use since it is certified for use in make-up. We do recommend to use a dust mask when you use it because it is very small particles which are airborne.

Size: 50gm

Colour: Divine Turquoise

Available Colours: Gold Twinkle, Silver Sparkle, Sun kissed Bronze, Sir Black Knight, Queen Mauve, Divine Turquoise, Hot Coffee, Tough Army Green, Indigo Ocean.

Product type: Pigment powder

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Customer Testimonial

-Simone Tippett-

"I am new to the world of upcycled furniture. I have always admired all the talented work out there and wished I could do something for myself. I came across Cherie and her products and all my self delt was fast gone with Cherie's knowledge, product knowledge, techniques to achieve the best for my upcoming peoject. My interaction with Cherie was 10/10 all the way to the end when I opened my package. Thank you for amazing experience and I will be back for next project."